Folder Notes

The Folder Note feature allows you to define and manage the content for the "Folder" in Confluence by creating a file directly in the folder with the same name as the folder. This feature ensures that the file is not uploaded as a child of the page in Confluence, but instead becomes the page under which other files are uploaded.


  1. In your Obsidian vault, create a file directly within the folder you want to manage in Confluence. The file should have the same name as the folder.
  2. Add your desired content to the file, which will be used to represent the folder in Confluence.
  3. When you publish your files using the Confluence Integration plugin, the file will be uploaded to Confluence as the folder representation, and other files within the folder will be uploaded as child pages underneath it.


By utilizing the Folder Note feature, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • Maintain a clear and organized folder structure in Confluence that matches your Obsidian vault.
  • Easily manage the content and hierarchy of your pages in Confluence.
  • Move a folder of files to a new Space in Confluence.
  • Seamlessly upload files as child pages underneath the corresponding folder representation in Confluence.

Obsidian Use

You can use this feature in Obsidian using the Obsidian folder notes plugin.