Installing plugin using Obsidian42-BRAT

To install the confluence-integration plugin using Obsidian42-BRAT, follow these steps:

Adding a beta plugin

  1. Install BRAT from the Community Plugins in Obsidian.
  2. Get the link to the GitHub repository you want to test. The plugin developer can provide you with this link. For the confluence-integration plugin, use this link:
  3. Open the command palette and run the command BRAT: Add a beta plugin for testing
  4. Using the link from step 2, copy that into the modal that opens up.
  5. Click on Add Plugin -- wait a few seconds and BRAT will tell you what is going on.
  6. After BRAT confirms the installation, in Settings go to the Community plugins tab.
  7. Refresh the list of plugins.
  8. Find the beta plugin you just installed (confluence-integration) and Enable it.

Updating beta plugins

  • Plugins can be updated using the command palette by running the command Check for updates to all beta plugins and UPDATE.
  • Optionally, beta plugins can be configured to auto-update when starting Obsidian. This feature can be enabled in the Obsidian42- BRAT tab in settings.